13th Annual Lynn Boggess Exhibition

The Haen Gallery

4 June 2019

Heralded by The Haen Gallery for the 13th year in a row, one of the most remarkable American landscape painters of the 21st century, Lynn Boggess, will present his latest works at the gallery’s downtown Asheville location. 

“I seek solitude in nature for the very same reasons most do — to transcend the chaos of civilized living,” states Boggess. “Painting en plein air is a sort of meditation which forces one to focus intently on a setting for a longer period of time than one would normally. It’s that prolonged sense of interest which yields the greatest perception, and the most meaningful memory.”

Boggess is well known for his distinctive expressions of the natural landscapes around his native West Virginia, including the state’s storied mountain ranges, forests, and rivers. His plein air canvases combine principles in both Abstract Expressionism and Photorealism. To bring a landscape to life, Boggess uses palette knives and trowels instead of brushes to generously layer each grand stroke and add to the detail of the image. The artist elegantly captures the colors of each season in roaring rivers, snow-covered hillsides, and thick forest vegetation. 

19 July 2019

“Asheville artists and art lovers are always so generous and appreciative of what I do,” Boggess tells Asheville Made. “They inspire me to do my best, and I demand it of myself not to disappoint. It’s that sense of inspiration I wish to return — that seeing my paintings was an elevating experience.” 

27 June 2019

Opening Reception: October 26, 5:30-7:30pm. Previews begin Oct. 19. The Haen Gallery, 52 Biltmore Ave., Asheville. www.thehaengallery.com. 828-254-8577.

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