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Who’s Afraid of RED?

March 1 - March 29

 Artwork: “As It Is” by Nava Lubelski

Opening Reception: March 1, 5-8pm

The Asheville Area Arts Council is hosting 16 artists in a new exhibit curated by well-known river-district painter Barbara Fisher. Who’s Afraid of RED? is inspired by a series of Barnett Newman paintings. The show, featuring mostly painting but also some sculpture, will explore the meanings and associations of the color red — love, vitality, opulence, fire, the heart, the devil, blood, power, passion, etc. — and the idiomatic uses of the word in our language (“red tape,” “red carpet,” “red-letter day,” “red herring,” “red ink,” “caught red-handed,” “red cent,” etc.). Participating artists are: Alicia Armstrong, Ian Brownlee, Margaret Curtis, Suzanne Dittenber, Barbara Fisher, Spencer Herr, Karen Ives, Nava Lubelski, Daniel Nevins, Kevin Palme, Jeremy Phillips, Bethany Pierce, Peter Roux, Molly Sawyer, Ralston Fox Smith, and Kirsten Stolle.
Asheville Area Arts Council, 207 Coxe Ave., Asheville. www.ashevillearts.com. 828-258-0710.