Seen and Unseen: Guardians in Glass

Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 21, 5:30-7:30pm

Exhibit runs through Oct. 5

Nature Spirit

Glass artist Deb Williams will present a solo exhibit of her thought-provoking work in the River Arts District’s Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery in late September. Seen and Unseen: Guardians in Glass exemplifies the highly subjective concept of who and what a guardian can be in our relationships, in our dreams and spirits, and in our everyday lives. 

“The idea of ‘guardians’ came about when my husband and I were commenting on all of our many moves over the years, and how at each new home we had a ‘guardian’ of some sort,” reveals Williams. “It might have been a statue, a special plant, an animal, a giant tree that we recruited as a protector — or even the community around us. I began asking friends and family, “What does the word ‘guardian’ mean to you?” The answers were interesting and varied.”

The Advocate

Williams works in a variety of glass techniques including Pate de Verre, a kiln-heated method that utilizes molds. She also works in mixed media (starting glass pieces with a clay mold, for example), in an organically inspired naturalistic cast-glass process, and in a deconstructed-reconstructed glass approach as she reinterprets and reassembles shattered glass.

Urban Shaman

“I thought it would be fun to translate some of the guardian ideas into glass,” says Williams. “It’s a broad topic and the exhibition will reflect that. I am creating everything from angel wings to a life-sized horse head. There will be Shamanic and spiritual images, and humorous works, as well.” Much of Williams’ work is influenced by the natural world, but other pieces she creates use symbols and kaleidoscope color to convey memory, humor, and meaning.

Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery, 123 Roberts St., Asheville. 941-587-9502.

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