Staying the Course

Made of no less than 16 kinds of species of exotic and domestic hardwoods and comprising 1,500 hours of labor, “Ironwood” is undeniably a sweet ride. What’s more, this bike, modeled after a 1200 Harley Davidson Sportster, is actually street legal. “I built her in 2004,” says Michael Goldberg, “with the thought that it would help me sell my heirloom rocking toys. After completing her and then taking her to motorcycle shows from Miami to Daytona, she was winning trophies and getting lots of attention.” While most of Ironwood’s admirers weren’t the toy-buying type, “it did help me gain many new clients for my previous business, doing yacht carpentry,” Goldberg notes. Now based in Etowah, the artist recently rode Ironwood from Henderson County to Woolworth Walk’s show floor in downtown Asheville and parked her there with a price tag of $60,000. Meanwhile, he’s continued with the business of building everyday heirlooms, crafting signature cutting and charcuterie boards, as well as wooden toys and hand-turned bowls. (The products are carried at Woolworth Walk and at Foundation Studios’ woodworking gallery in the River Arts District.)

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