Still Filling the Vessels of Hope

Pots by Judi Harwood

Educational ceramics center The Village Potters is nothing if not a hands-on business, and the facility was only able to reopened its physical classes (with restrictions) last month. “Our struggles are ongoing,” says owner Sarah Wells Rolland, though she acknowledges the solid footing of her pandemic initiative Vessels of Hope, which involved making and selling an incredible 500 pieces to committed buyers. Rolland recently opened the second chapter of the project, passing the kiln, as it were, to the other members of the Village Potters: Lori Theriault, Judi Harwood, Christine Henry, Julia Mann, Katie Meili Messersmith, and Tori Motyl. “As before, supporters will be able to pre-order vessels from each artist, and each will be creating vessels in their own style. There will also be weekly online demonstrations from participating potters on Facebook and Instagram, where they will sow the seeds of hope as they share their thoughts and processes,” reports Rolland, who’s busy pursuing loans and grants to sustain the collective through this difficult period. 

For information about in-person and online workshops, and for more information about the Vessels of Hope fundraiser, e-mail Lori Theriault at, call 828-575-6961, or see  

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