Artist Guide

Bee Sieburg

Expressive oil painter Bee Sieburg paints animals, still lifes, and outdoor scenes. Her vibrant, light-hearted oils convey the sheer exuberance of life.

Cynthia L Wilson

My paintings depict moments of beauty that I observe in nature. I try to capture the joy I feel when
a scene grabs my attention and stays with me until I put it into my art. I enjoy the simplicity of collage as well as the spontaneity of acrylics.

Deborah Anderson

Always drawn to the edgy and controversial as well as being influenced by issues which impact our personal lives and larger world, I attempt to translate personal inspirations into provocative visual experiences meant to be shared via digital photography creations and assemblage sculpture works.

Grace Carol Bomer

An Asheville painter with national and international exhibits, Grace C Bomer's metaphorical abstract work makes visible the invisible, suggesting the glorious eternal story; the human condition surprised by the grace of God. Her paintings, oil and wax and gold, integrate word and image alluding to the Incarnation, God with us.


Using the ancient encaustic painting medium, which is an organic blend of beeswax and damar tree resin, I depict scenes of the future using fragments from the past. I collage vintage architectural plans and specs into my work, together with old maps, newspaper clippings and other ephemera.

Jeff Snell

Jeff Snell is a painter with a unique view of his surroundings. Utilizing brush, spray and collage, he interprets images with a fresh and exciting approach. His studio is located at Riverside Station on Lyman St. next to the French Broad River and visitors are welcome.

Kate Thayer

My paintings are glimpses of the interior of Western North Carolina forests The many layers of oil paint create textures and colors that can be seen and as well as felt. These express the many facets of excitement within the forests.

Kevin Giriunas

I want to make a difference in this world and searching for how. I paint, write, and collaborate to force myself to self reflect and grow. My art is an extension of my thoughts, emotions, and biases (conscious + unconscious). Welcome to the chaos, let’s chat!

Michelle Hamilton

Encaustic, Resin, and Mixed Media

Obee Editions

Obee Editions offers personalized collaboration and the production of limited, high quality editions of fine-art printmaking. Our approach is based on the traditional model of the atelier with a master printer working and collaborating closely with an artist to achieve the highest standard of artistic expression.

Patricia Cotterill

Patricia was born in Scotland and now resides in Asheville, NC. She paints animals, figures, landscapes and interior scenes-" a moment in time from everyday life. Using her preferred medium of oil paints she transforms shapes, color and light drawing the onlooker into the images she paints.