Gallery Guide

Blue Farm Gallery

The Blue Farm Gallery in Etowah, features a diverse range of works, including paintings, sculptures, and installations by both established and emerging artists. The spacious and well-lit exhibition rooms provide the perfect backdrop for the thought-provoking and visually striking pieces on display. In addition to the main galleries, the Blue Farm also hosts a variety of events and workshops, making it a hub of artistic activity in the community.

99 Going Places Rd
Etowah, North Carolina 22222
Gallery GaGa

This edgy and unconventional art space features work by outsider artists, giving a platform to voices that are often silenced in the mainstream art world. The Gallery GaGa isn’t afraid to push boundaries and showcase art that makes you think, feel, and maybe even a little uncomfortable. From provocative installations to powerful paintings, if you’re looking for something a little different, a little raw, and a lot real, the Gallery GaGa is the place for you.

67 Fortunate St
Flat Rock, North Carolina 22222
Mills River Sculpture Gallery

Find impressive collection of large-scale sculptures by both established and emerging artists at the Mills River Sculpture Gallery. The spacious and airy exhibition space provides the perfect setting for the dramatic and eye-catching works on display. Visitors can expect to be awed by the scale and beauty of the sculptures, which range from abstract and conceptual pieces to more representational works.

234 Century Lane
Mills River, North Carolina 22222