Beloved Muse, December 9

Ode to the Cat, Sandra Bottinelli

The first year of parenthood is the hardest, what with the sleepless nights, teary-eyed tantrums, and choppy sea of unknowns. The same could be said for the first year of gallery ownership. There are fewer wet nappies, sure. But one can still expect a diaper pail full of “Oh, crap” moments, says Pearl Renken. Last December, she and business partner Sandra Bottinelli opened Modern Muse Gallery at the southern corner of Riverview Station. In the 12 months since, they have hosted a smattering of shows and positioned themselves as a contemporary mainstay of the River Arts District. To commemorate the gallery’s first birthday, Renken and Bottinelli are skipping the smash cake and opting for a silent auction instead. Titled Beloved Muse, the event will feature small works by gallery artists Oksana Knysh, Hunter Jay, Robin McCoy, Ani Kinyon, and Michelle Hamilton. All pieces will be available for bidding and 50 percent of the proceeds will benefit BeLoved Asheville, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “providing for those in need and helping us to remember the humanity in all.”

Beloved Muse: December 9, 6-8pm

Modern Muse Gallery / 191 Lyman St., Suite 110, River Arts District, Asheville

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