Martha Johnson + Sylvia McCollum

Hold My Calls by Martha Johnson

Keep your mask on (it’s mandatory) and enjoy the work of two resident makers at downtown’s sprawling, art-filled Woolworth Walk this month. Marsha Johnson has lived in every part of North Carolina — it’s not surprising, then, that both mountain and coastal scenes permeate her work. Johnson is an enthusiastic mixer of mediums, collaging fabric, dried plant materials, photos, stamps, and found objects (almost every element is recycled). Layers of acrylic paint complete the scheme, and inspirational and humorous quotes finish the lighthearted works. (Johnson accepts commissions using clients’ favorite quotes or poems.)

Guardian Spirit by Sylvia McCollum

Jewelry designer Sylvia McCollum is a two-time breast-cancer survivor who often uses circular imagery in her work to symbolize life, courage, and “endless hope.” Her latest collection, Circles of Hope and Faces of Courage, obliquely reference both her bouts with the disease. Faces are carved of buffalo bone, and stones are incorporated according to their metaphysical properties. The silversmith wants folks to gain as much meaning from wearing her pieces as she does in making them.

Martha Johnson + Sylvia McCollum

Woolworth Walk

25 Haywood St.

Through Aug. 30

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