Hamilton Williams

The sale of Hamilton Williams’ Giving Platters supports out-of-work hospitality workers in his community.

Hamilton Williams
Medium: clay
Hamilton Williams Gallery

What I’m Working On: 

When the NC stay-at-home order started, I was content to stay in my clay studio and work on projects. However, seeing how dramatically affected the hospitality workers in Downtown Morganton have been by the shutdown, I wanted to help. I began making a series of small platters with a hand-carved nautilus pattern and deemed them “Giving Platters.” With each sale of a Giving Platter, I am donating 25 percent to directly support the out-of-work hospitality workers of my downtown through the Burke County Chamber of Commerce virtual tip jar. In just a couple of weeks, the effort has raised about $1500, and the effort continues.

In historic moments such as the one we find ourselves in now, communities can come together or break apart. I keep seeing example after example of people and communities coming together to support one another. I’m glad that I could be a part of that, even if in only a small way. The outpouring of support from Morganton and surrounding communities has been tremendous.

You can find out more about Hamilton Williams at hamiltonwilliams.com, on instagram and facebook.com/hamiltonwilliamsclayworks.

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