New Shows at Momentum Gallery, Through August 24

Three Trees, Mariella Bisson

Trees, those silent giants standing tall with unwavering grace, are the unsung heroes of our planet. These woodland warriors absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making life on earth possible. But their significance extends far beyond the realm of biology. As illustrated by Enchanted Canopy, the latest group show at Momentum Gallery, trees kindle something inside our souls, too. As a gallery statement explains, This show pays homage to the majestic beauty and vital presence of trees. From intricate details of branches reaching skyward to sheltering boughs that cradle life to deep roots that interconnect ecosystems, our curated collection features paintings and cyanotypes, quilts, original prints, and glass artwork.” Through August, the venue on Broadway will also feature Joanna Manousis, a British-American glass and mixed-media artist who creates elegant wall installations that evoke a sense of opulence and offer dynamic and reflective properties that captivate the viewer.” Pittsburgh collagist Seth Clark will exhibit new work, as well. According to the gallery, his latest collection renders barns, forts, and houses, imbuing them with character and personality.”

All shows: Through August 24

Momentum Gallery52 Broadway, Asheville

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