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You donut want to miss this beginner-friendly glass workshop.

In a world of unprecedented division, donuts seem to be the one thing we can all agree on. No matter your age, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, or political leaning, you can’t deny that fried rings of yeasty dough slathered in sweet icing and sprinkles aren’t delicious. As glass artist Suzanne Cancilla-Fox decrees, donuts are “universally loved.” That’s one reason why she offers the Delightful Donut Pendant class at the North Carolina Glass Center. During this beginner-friendly workshop, participants make miniature confections from a rod of ivory effete Italian glass (aka soft glass). After using a torch to round the ivory effete into a ball, bakers use a tool called a bead masher to flatten the ball into the perfect donut shape. Next, comes the glaze (more soft glass) and a dash of frit — ultra-small particles of ground-up glass that look convincingly like sprinkles. Lastly, the sweet treat is “cooked” in the kiln. “Witnessing the transformation from molten glass to a finished donut is truly magical,” says Cancilla-Fox. “But the most rewarding aspect is seeing the smiles on students’ faces as they hold their creations. The class fosters a sense of community and shared joy, proving that art can be both beautiful and fun.” 

The Delightful Donut Pendant class is offered on select Fridays and Saturdays at the North Carolina Glass Center (140 Roberts St., Suite C, Asheville, ncglasscenter.org). The hour-long workshop is open to participants ages 13 and older. Cost is $100. Suzanne Cancilla-Fox’s glass donuts can also be purchased at Vortex Doughnuts (32 Banks Ave., Suite 106, Asheville, vortexdoughnuts.com).  

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