A LOTTO Art, August 15

Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky, Patti Beckert

The odds of winning the lottery are infinitesimally low. You are more likely to get struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark than you are to hit the jackpot. But during A LOTTO Art, an art lottery hosted by the Art League of Henderson County, every ticket is a winner. Now in its second year, the event works like this: League members donate artwork valued at at least $200 — though some pieces are worth 10 times that — and art collectors purchase a LOTTO” ticket for $100. Then, during the live lottery event, ticket numbers are called at random. When your number is called, you can select a piece of art from what is still available. According to Diane Dean, president of the League, last year’s raffle was full of nail-biting excitement. The tension grew when the emcee started pulling numbers out of a hat,” she says. Ticket-holders stood in front of the artwork they wanted so no one could see it. The crowd cheered and booed.” Fletcher artist Patti Beckert describes it as one of the most successful events” the League has ever hosted. She even got to meet Page Collie, the local attorney who scored her impressionistic, yet totally abstract” painting. Overall,” says Beckert, it was a very positive experience.” This year’s shindig will be hosted on Thursday, Aug. 15. A preview exhibition of work will open at the Art Place Gallery on Saturday, Aug. 3. 

A LOTTO Art: Thursday, Aug. 15, 5-7pm

Preview Exhibit Opening: Saturday, Aug. 3, 2-4pm

Art Place Gallery (2021 Asheville Hwy., Hendersonville) / artleaguehvl.org

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