John E. Davis

High Summer Farm

John E. Davis
Medium: paint

What I’m Working On: 

I came back to my art late in life after a career in the conservation field. I’ve been concentrating on “climbing the art ladder” since 2007, carefully picking workshops and mentoring opportunities each year with some of my favorite nationally known painters and studying the works and writings of past masters in landscape and wildlife, my favorite subjects.

Having just finished a four-painting article plus two covers for South Carolina Wildlife magazine’s May/June issue on that state’s natural areas, I’ve gone back to painting the mountain landscapes I love and what I call wildlife portraits. In April, I was supposed to paint in with one of my favorite plein air painters and mentors, Marc Hanson in Savannah, Georgia, but we had to cancel due to the virus. Instead, I’ve been pushing myself, concentrating on the abstract designs beneath realism while working on my brushwork.

I believe in concentrating each year on one area such as composition, color, brushwork, or values. A relative few of these studies will ever be shown or placed with a gallery, but each teaches me something about my vision and abilities while helping hone my artistic skills. I’m also working on my social media skills and looking at online galleries while continuing to be represented by brick and mortar galleries in both NC and SC.

Devil’s Courthouse

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