Andrea Kulish

Andrea Kulish
Medium: Pysanky Eggs
Studio A

What I’m Working On: 

This pysanka goose egg is a practice run for an egg that will be a gift for a couple who is celebrating their 60 year wedding anniversary this month.

The tree of life will be adjusted so that their names will be written on the front. Their wedding date will be on the back, contained within an elaborate cross, with roses. The husband loves to garden, and there will be a sideband of flowers.

The yellow egg shows one of the steps of this wax resist process. First, everything I wanted to keep white, such as the birds and the main division lines, were written on the egg with melted beeswax using a special stylus. Then the egg was dipped in yellow dye. Everything I wanted to remain yellow, I then covered in wax. Usually the whole egg is dipped in dye, but spot colors such as turquoise and blue were applied with a Q-tip and then waxed over. The egg was then dipped in red, and I waxed everything that I wanted to stay red. I then dipped it in the background color (purple), and removed all the wax, to reveal all the colors underneath.

Some of the symbols on this egg include the tree of life for strength and health, eternity bands for long life, flowers, which represent love and beauty, and crosshatching, which symbolize nets, for protection.

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