Chiwa Clark

First Portal

Chiwa Clark
Medium: clay
Odyssey Co-op Gallery
Facebook: Chiwa Clark

What I’m Working On: 

I am open to this “time out of time” (Kairos) to explore what is coming from within, and see how it manifests. I started to doodle with pencil and pen on small, card-like papers, thinking I would write letters and send them with a handmade graphic in black and white. I use the same imagery that I use on my clay pieces; intertwining vines, layers of wind, star constellations, birds, and trees. Sacred geometry, as well as other hidden meanings, is nestled into my work. I feel to be depicting the busyness of life; intertwining, woven ribbons, coming from all directions, and then, the clear space within – where we can go to for solace, and reflection. The portals and orbs began appearing after I was doing these drawings for a while. Portals invite us to slow down, and go through to find another dimension, a quieter space, a space for inner study, hidden among the hurry and demands of life; a portal leading to sky, clear emptiness, or maybe gold filled (if I was to color it). These imperfect doodles are not meant for sale, just reflection. 

Rising early to sit at my desk in the growing light of morning, I’ve had fun, just letting them talk to me. I don’t know where they will go or if they will last beyond the pandemic. These expressions are about me finding my way to the portal, and choosing to go through to see what the quiet brings, and maybe inspiring others to do so as well.

You can find out more about Chiwa Clark on Facebook: Chiwa Clark

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