Leslie Rowland

You Have a Beautiful Soul

Leslie Rowland
Medium: mixed media
Riverview Station

What I’m Working On: 

When the stay at home orders were first whispered about, I was working in a binary code series. More than ever, we are communicating with friends and loved ones through technology. We are relying on binary code just to say, “I love you.” I completed three new binary code works when we were first realizing that the US had a major problem. 

I’m now working on four new butterfly and bee paintings for my pollinator series called “The Resilience of Hope I – IV.” Spring is about resurrection and serves as a wonderful analogy for coming out of this time of sadness and uncertainty. The bees and butterflies in the paintings are composed of imagery of flowers they pollinate. The work should be ready by the first week of May.

Preliminary sketch for Resilience of Hope

You can find out more about Leslie at lrowlandart.com.

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