Desserted Deserts and Beach Bumz, Through April 13

Flying High Delight, Will Eskridge

A colony of bats covet a flying Hostess cupcake. A raccoon observes an airborne ice cream sandwich. A bewildered opossum stares at a larger-than-life Choco Taco. These are just some of the outlandish scenes you can expect from Will Eskridge’s solo exhibition, Desserted Deserts and Beach Bumz. Running through Saturday, April 13, at Toe River Arts, the showcase features paintings of desert landscapes, late-night snack foods, woodland creatures, and alien abductions. It’s a weird combo, which is kind of the point. According to a press release, the series is a nod to Eskridge’s late father, his eclectic sense of humor, and their trips to the desert together. “The large-scale size of the pieces is meant to amplify the magnitude of loss, the vastness of these landscapes, and to show my dad’s humble yet big heart,” says Eskridge, who is based in Athens, Georgia. “These paintings are past, present, and future as I explore these new waters without my father.”

Desserted Deserts and Beach Bumz: Through Saturday, April 13

Owen Gallery at Toe River Arts / 69 Oak Ave., Spruce Pine

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