Cathyann Burgess

An April Morning

Cathyann Burgess
Medium: painting
Asheville Gallery of Art

What I’m Working On:  

My woodlands and water-themed show (scheduled to open in June) at the Asheville Gallery of Art has been postponed; nonetheless I am still painting en plein air in and around my neighborhood as well as relying on archived photos of waterfalls. 

I have also begun a new project: a Feeding the Hungry fundraiser that offers affordably priced smaller works rather than large gallery pieces. Proceeds from the sale will go directly from me to the food bank of the customer’s choice in their name. I see it as a win-win situation — the healing nature of my art will reach the buyer, the recipients of the funds will get to eat, and my studio will have room for new work that I create. I have been fortunate as an artist and it makes me feel useful to do something constructive in a dreadful period of our history. Art can be nourishing to the soul and the body. 

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