Gallery Mélange Grand Opening

Memories of a House, Mark Bettis

Biltmore Avenue is no stranger to world-class art. Ever since John Cram established Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in 1990, visionaries have swarmed the once-desolate thoroughfare like bees to honey. The latest buzz on the street is Gallery Mélange. Officially unveiled in February, the fine-art venue is a joint venture between jewelry maker Jeffrey Burroughs and contemporary painters Mark Bettis and Victoria Pinney. According to the curators, the gallery’s moniker is derived from the French verb “mesler,” which means “to mix.” “True to its essence,” a press release announces, “Gallery Mélange is a tapestry of creativity, weaving together a diverse array of artistic expressions that captivate the senses and inspire the soul.” As for exhibitions, visitors can expect everything from contemplative installations to captivating paintings. “We are not just curators; we are storytellers,” reads a gallery statement. “Our exhibition calendar is to be a canvas upon which narratives unfold, showcasing the boundless creativity that resides within our community and beyond.” A grand opening celebration is slated for Friday, April 5.

Grand Opening Celebration: Friday, April 5, 5pm-8pm

Gallery Mélange / 67 Biltmore Ave., Suite 20, Asheville

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