Joe Zoeller + Element Tree Essentials

Lowcountry Home, Joe Zoeller

For the month of March, Woolworth Walk’s FW Gallery will feature local contemporary artist Joe Zoeller. Although Zoeller’s acrylic paintings do not conform to an individual style or movement, they could be classified as modern realism. His works also play on many components found in precisionist art, post-impressionism, modern realism, and pop art.

“When starting a painting, I look for subjects with strong geometric forms, which I regard as representing the ‘muscle and bones’ of my paintings,” Zoeller tells Asheville Made. “After choosing a subject, up to 50 percent of my timeline in creating the painting is devoted to planning the painting and creating a very detailed drawing on my painting surface.” 

Sugar Cane, Joe Zoeller

Zoeller believes that the drawing stage of his creative process is most critical to a successful outcome. Taking a mixed-media approach to his subjects, Zoeller uses India ink to emphasize hard geometric lines where they exist. This approach, according to Zoeller, creates dramatic results.

“As an artist who started later in life, I am very pleased to be presenting my work at Woolworth Walk, since it represents a milestone in my transition from my prior career as a chemist — which involved a surprising amount of drawing — to my later career as an artist,” states Zoeller.

The Chocolate Lounge, Joseph Zoeller

Also on display in the FW Gallery in March is a premium lotion-candle business, Element Tree Essentials, owned by Hendersonville native Kasey Jackson. Her handcrafted lotion candles are made of natural products like essential oils and cosmetic-grade soy wax that hydrates, calms, and heals the skin. 

The show is on display March 1-31.

Woolworth Walk, 25 Haywood St., Asheville. 828-254-9234.

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