M. Roland

M. Roland
Medium: sculptor

What I’m Working On: 

I have been obsessed with marking time since 2016. For six months I have been giving out “enough is enough” bumper stickers. Since quarantine, that focus has intensified even more (as it has, I believe for all of us). In March I submitted a exhibition proposal titled TIME MARKS: THE DEFARGE PROJECT which will feature (paid) artists who create work dealing either didactically or metaphorically with marking time and change. 

My collaborator and I are looking at ways to adapt our 360 Project into a mail project for our bottle message/seeds in order to support the USPS.

For me, during this time of quarantine, creative exploration in both art and daily living, and service, have joined and evolved in all manner of unexpected ways.

You can find out more about Mary at maryaroland.net and at 360circleproject.net.

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