Mirror Mirror: The Art of Reflection

Opening Reception: Oct 1, 5:30-7:50pm, Through Nov. 6
Blake Vaden

Flow Gallery, located in historic downtown Marshall, announces the arrival of new work from eight accomplished artists who’ve created frames for mirrors. “Interior decorators claim that a mirror completes the appearance of a room, and I couldn’t agree more,” says Connie Molland, founding member of Flow and curator of the show. 

Flow Gallery opened its doors 11 years ago because eight local women, all makers, were in need of a retail outlet. Today the gallery represents more than 70 Western North Carolina artists, two-thirds of them living in Madison County.

Connie Molland

Mirrors show us not only what we look like but — more significantly — how we see ourselves. In some cases, our reflections can even give us a fleeting glimpse of our ancestors. This can be a deeply personal experience that doesn’t synch up with the anonymity of a big-box-bought mirror. A handmade one, though, can be a truly individual addition to the home.  

Mike Stevenson

Ceramicists Jim and Shirl Parmentier of Parmentier Pottery in Mars Hill have created two mirrors beautifully framed with clay tiles, each with hand-carved leaves in dark, rich colors. Blake Vaden, of Vaden Custom, a furniture maker in Asheville, gives us an appreciation of our local hardwoods by using organic burls with a clear finish. Mike Stevenson, from Mars Hill, contributes an elegant wood frame using Arts and Crafts joinery and sporting four small, brightly painted small ceramic plaques with floral motifs. Molland, who owns Rose Hollow Connections in Marshall, displays marquetry work that is sleek, clean, and contemporary. 

Parmentier Pottery

The work of Valerie Berlage of Lauraine Lillie Studios and Marty Poirier of Nature’s Knots (both located in Leicester), and Bob Wagner of Robert Wagner Woodworking in Greensboro, will also be on display. Molland concludes: “Mirrors reflect light and are practical, but can also be a gorgeous accent piece in any room.” 

— Jolene Mechanic

Flow Gallery, 14 South Main St., Marshall. www.flowmarshall.com. 828-649-1686.

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