New Work at Odyssey, Opening Feb. 1

Spreading Rumors, Libba Tracy

Asheville ceramicist Libba Tracy is very much aware of the earth’s climate crisis. She knows honeybees are dying by the millions, seawater temperatures have increased about 1.5 degrees since 1901, and that new species are going extinct each and every day. But Tracy — a former commercial illustrator — has a choice: She can either wallow in environmental despair or try her best to make a statement. She prefers the latter. “Clay allows me to temper the noise with whimsy and occasionally [make] a piece that speaks to the challenges we face in the news,” says Tracy, who is best known for her kiln-fired sculptures of quirky critters. A goose may tote around a golden egg. Or, a fish may host a small village on its spine. “Clay has limitless directions of possibility, play, and freedom,” the artist says. Come February, Tracy will be one of more than 20 creatives presenting new work at the Odyssey Gallery of Ceramic Arts. “This is an exciting time to see new innovations from our members,” says gallery artist Rhona Polonsky. “It is a time to share our new ideas and pieces for all to admire.” 

New Work at Odyssey: February 1-March 31

Odyssey Gallery of Ceramic Arts / 238 Clingman Ave., Asheville

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    1. says: Lauren Stepp

      Thanks for posting! I spoke with the gallery manager and the gallery is open Friday-Monday, 11am-5pm, in January and February. Starting in March, the gallery will return to its normal hours: Wednesday-Monday, 11am-5pm.

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