Transylvania County Public Schools Student Art Show, Opening May 7

Portrait by Sandy Enriquez Vazquez

According to Pablo Picasso, Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Confidence is a problem, too, says Amy Schoenacher, an art teacher at Rosman High School. Often a student will find their work naive or too expressive and messy when, in reality, it is a beautifully gestured, inspiring work.” To help kids learn to believe in themselves and their artistic ability, schools in Transylvania County partner with the Transylvania Community Arts Council (TCAC) every spring to host an exhibition of student art selected by local teachers. Schoenacher has been participating in the show for 25 years and has witnessed how inspiring it can be for a young person to see their work displayed in a professional gallery setting. There have been many occasions in which students have been extremely proud and surprised that their work was chosen,” she says. John Brinkley, an art teacher at Rosman Elementary School, echoes these sentiments. The event provides a place that is not their refrigerator at home or the hallways of their school, but rather a professional art gallery,” he says. It validates the hard work they put in.” Later in May, TCAC will also partner with the Transylvania Art Guild to host a showcase of summer work.

Transylvania County Public Schools Student Art Show: May 7-18; Opening Reception: Thursday, May 9, 4:30-6:30pm

Transylvania Art Guild Summer Showcase: May 24-June 22; Opening Reception: Friday, May 24, 5-7pm

Transylvania Community Arts Council349 South Caldwell St., Brevard

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