Cynthia Wilson

Cynthia has produced a variety of colorful masks.

Cynthia Wilson
Medium: painting
Gallery at Flat Rock

What I’m Working On: 

I broke my right hand in January of this year, and after I had two surgical procedures as well as physical therapy, thought things would return to normal. One week later, quarantine hit, so this is new normal. Thankfully, I’m an introvert, but even introverts like to get out and see people!

At first, I was painting large sky paintings because the subject matter is reminiscent of a storm passing leaving beauty and clarity in its wake. After realizing that things were not going back to any version of normal anytime soon, I started making lots and lots of masks for people who need them. I have great stores of beautiful fabric, but didn’t have elastic, so am using ribbon, strips of bias tape, anything I have on hand.

Now, I’m trying to use up some small-cradled birch panels by painting abstract images in an effort to divert some of my fears and frustrations. Nothing is normal right now and it’s hard to keep anxiety at bay, so I am painting things for my self rather than for gallery sales.

Cynthia Wilson started her quarantine painting “large sky images.”

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