Diane de Grasse

Diane de Grasse paints her life (in progress).

Diane de Grasse
Medium: pastel, oil, watercolor, acrylic
Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League

What I’m Working On: 

I am working on a 2’x3′ canvas in acrylic, painting from an unforgettable vision I experienced in the mid 1980s. I watched for over an hour as images from my life rolled before my eyes at high speed like a black and white film crawler. The phenomenon ended in full color, showing purple mountains against a gold sky. That image prompted this painting when we moved last fall to a home with just such a mountain view. And where I expect to end my days.

I’ve painted my remembered life images as a black and white filmstrip along the bottom edge, selecting special scenes from my childhood. The mountains loom above, (in progress) still shifting and changing with light and weather, capturing colors in the landscape, reaching a metallic gold sky. 

You can find out more about Diane and her work at DianedeGrasse.com.

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