Penland Gallery: MOTION CAPTURE 

Pattern-Speak, Bridget Conn

As the daughter of Libyan refugees who left behind everything they ever knew for asylum in Italy, Yael Braha understands that the ground beneath her feet is more than sand, silt, and soil — it’s a dichotomy of “containment/displacement, erosion/accretion, migration/residency.” This duality comes alive in Braha’s functional ceramics. Crafted using black and white designs, these pots incorporate “line, curves, and patterns” that “both distort and add movement to the surface of her work.” This fall, Braha will show select pieces at Penland Gallery as part of MOTION CAPTURE. The exhibit will also feature photographic artist Bridget Conn. Working out of coastal Georgia, Conn “celebrates the physicality of analog photography through the medium of photographic chemigrams.” Created by exposing silver-gelatin photo paper to “light, resists, and traditional darkroom chemistry,” these pieces capture motion within the physical form — the show’s underlying theme. September 19-October 21


Come October, Penland Gallery will welcome work and life partners Naomi Dalglish and Michael Hunt of Bakersville for ENDLESS GROUND, a duo show that draws on “the material qualities of locally dug red earth and wood-fired pottery.”  October 3-December 9

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