Second Saturday Art Strolls

Emily Dickinson, Andreina Bates

Back in January, the River Arts District Artists (RADA) introduced a year-long, community-wide exhibition titled Who Am I, Who Are We? Open to all makers in the district, the showcase encourages artists to create work in response to monthly prompts. The resulting work then premieres during Second Saturday Art Strolls. According to Jeffrey Burroughs, president of RADA, this ongoing event is a beautiful exercise” in introspection — a moment to reflect on who we are as artists.” That has certainly been the case for Andreina Bates, an expressionist originally from Venezuela. For Januarys theme, Origin Stories, Bates presented Harmony Unveiled,” an abstract portrait that depicts the idea that what we cultivate within ourselves is what we can give others.” For Februarys theme, The Unmasking, Bates revealed a portrait of 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson amid a flock of birds and ballads. As the final touch to the portrait, I painted a bold stroke across the eyes because I believe our eyes tell our stories,” the artist explains. So its a way to invite the viewer to unmask the untold stories.” Though Bates is eager to participate in March and Aprils themes at ArtPlay Studio (372 Depot St., Suite 44, Asheville), she is equally excited to see what her fellow creatives produce. I love the opportunity to get to know other artists through their work,” she says.

Second Saturday Art Strolls happen Saturday, March 9 and Saturday, April 13. To find participating exhibitors of Who Am I, Who Are We?, visit  

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