Art Mob Studios & Marketplace

Bird Lady, Simone Wood

During the month of May, Art Mob Studios & Marketplace is presenting Selfies, its latest exhibition. Member artists were asked to reflect on how they’ve been feeling about themselves over the past year, and throughout the pandemic.

Hair Cut, Susan Webb Tregay

George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company, “would be so fascinated with the ‘selfie’ movement of today,” says artist and painter Simone Wood. “Imagine if selfies were taken back when they created the camera, how things would be so different.” 

Shell-fie, Bill Abel

Wood originally wanted to create a watercolor selfie of herself with a camera, but after thinking more about the concept, she decided to get even more creative. “I’ve changed it to a watercolor painting, in which a whimsical bird is painting a cardinal,” she explains. “People who have purchased my art or have seen my art know me as the ‘bird lady,’ so why not make it a self portrait of a bird painting a bird?”

Lady with Purple Hair, Michele Sparks

Artists at Art Mob feel inspired and honored to be a part of such an inclusive place. Ceramic artist and painter Bill Abel adds, “I feel so fortunate to have a space there to be myself, creatively and socially. The gallery has the highest standards and a welcoming warmth that is often lost in high art.”

May 8-30. Art Mob Studios & Marketplace, 124 4th Ave. East, Hendersonville. 828-693-4545.

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