Tangled Mapping: Memories of the Future

Opening Reception: Aug. 23, 5:30-7:30pm

Exhibit runs through Sept. 22

After the Flood

Coming to Pink Dog Creative in late August, Barbara Fisher’s latest exhibit, Tangled Mapping: Memories of the Future, will debut a never-before-seen body of work. This series consists of narratives that can be found, as Fisher says in an artist’s statement, “in intricate meanderings and devious spaces — being lost in a big city, the brain trying to recall a distant memory or translate twisted thoughts into something coherent, ecotones of climate change,” and more. Fisher’s subseries, the “change in the weather,” expresses the movement of microclimates, water, ice, and heat in the tangled atmospheres through cascading paint and storytelling designs.

Heat Wave

“Making this work is an exercise in restraint,” reveals Fisher. “[It] involves a lot of watching paint dry. Although the pieces are complex and layered, the application of the paint has to be delicate.” Her images are indicative of the future, while she works to bring her ideas into our present consciousness through communal memory or forgotten thoughts, dreams, and early life experiences.

Warm Front

“Some are airier, some more dense,” Fisher tells Asheville Made. “These acrylic paintings are the flip side of what most people know me for – oil paintings on panel that are worked and sanded and distressed and worked again. I hope that viewers allow themselves to step inside the paintings, to feel the chaos, but ultimately sense the resolution and integration in each piece.”

Pink Dog Creative Gallery, 348 Depot St., Asheville. www.pinkdog-creative.com. 828-216-1331.

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