Turned and Carved: Bowl Sale at Gallery 17

Box elder vase by Bill & Tina Collison

During the month of April, Foundation Woodworks, a local collective of artists who share equipment, studio space, and a similar passion, has a group show on display in Gallery 17. The exhibit features 10 regional woodworkers who specialize in making bowls and other vessels. 

Featured makers include Warren Carpenter, who started as a home builder in the 1970s and has been a full-time woodworking artist since 1999; Cris Bifaro, who makes custom cabinetry and furniture; Bill Wanezek, who learned the craft as a child with his father and creates functional and decorative woodcraft products; Anne Henschel, a retired psychotherapist turned artist; Bill and Tina Collison, who create bowls, platters, and hollow forms using trees native to the region; and other local favorites.

Bowls by Warren Carpenter

“Wood as a medium is tactile, warm, and beckons to be held,” says Bill Collison, who has turned more than 2,000 wood pieces. “Each raw log hold secrets and mystery within.” Tina Collison, his wife, embellishes each finished piece, raising them from craft to art. “It’s wonderful and inspiring to have a gallery devoted entirely to wood art, and have actual makers working on site,” she tells Asheville Made.

Segmented bowls by Allen Davis

Celebrating local artists during spring is important to Foundation Woodworks. In conjunction with the show, the gallery will offer 10 percent off all purchased bowls.

“Foundation Woodworks is special in that everyone there understands wood,” says bowl turner Warren Carpenter, “and what’s involved in creating beautiful finished pieces.”

April 1-30. Foundation Woodworks, 17 Foundy St., Asheville. foundationwoodworks.com. 828-515-4404.

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