Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman’s masks, made with hand-dyed cotton fabrics, are a big seller on Etsy.

Maker: Jessica Kaufman
Medium: textiles, batik fabric
WAXON Studio

What I’m Working On: 

I have transitioned from producing bags, socks, t-shirts and summer dresses, to sewing masks with handmade batik fabrics. To my surprise, they started selling incredibly well. This is week four of being a mask-maker, and I am thrilled at how many orders I’ve sent all over the country, and how I’m able to put to good use the beautiful and unique fabrics from our shop. Also, my full line of hand-dyed garments is still available in my online Etsy shop.

This is a scary time to be a small business owner, obviously. The confusion around Federal programs, their availability, how to qualify and apply is an added stressor in an already elevated time. None of my shop neighbors on Haywood Road knows when we will be allowed to re-open and if we even should. So I just want to say you are not alone. We are all experiencing the same anxieties and uncertainties, and whatever you’re feeling or thinking is okay!

You can find out more about Jessica and her work (and snag your own stylish mask) at

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  1. says: Lou

    These truly are beautiful and I do appreciate handmade because I make my own but I think this is pretty pricey considering that many people are hurting financially these days. I do hope the Creator is donating some to offset the incredible profit she must be making. Perhaps some could be made in a less labor-intensive fabric at a lower cost?

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