Where Water Meets Land, Opening June 25

Aqueduct, Amy Putansu

We all know water is essential to life. But H20 is also essential to art. At least, thats the premise of Where Water Meets Land, a group exhibition happening at FOCUS Gallery. According to advance press, the show will feature three creatives whose artwork is influenced by water. First, theres Katie Hudnall, a woodworker who grew up along the Potomac River and spent childhood summers on the South Carolina coast. Her fanciful, sometimes functional, sometimes impractical, painted wooden objects are inspired by furniture, illustration, tools, toys, and all things nautical,” reads a press statement. Next, theres Amy Putansu, a textile artist whose hand-woven paintings” are influenced by the stark and raw nature” of her native coastal Maine. Lastly, theres Sarah Vaughn, a glass artist who finds inspiration for her sculptures in rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. 

Where Water Meets Land: June 25-August 3

FOCUS Gallery at Penland Gallery3135 Conley Ridge Road, Penland

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